Specialty Sessions -

Break out of your comfort zone and be inspired by your imagination, your childhood dreams, or a fictional or fantasy world! Specialty sessions allow us to express ourselves in artistic ways, indulging in a little playfulness that many of us rarely get to experience. From opulent milk baths to fantasy fairy tales and everything between, we can bring your daydreams to life in photos!

For Toddlers and Adults who want to "play dress up"

  • Individual Specialty Session - Magical Fairy in the Forest or Milk Bath, etc.
  • Includes 1 - 1.5 hour session in studio & outdoors.
  • Your choice of 2 High-Resolution Digital Files.
  • Online album.
  • I provide a large assortment of props for all seasons and wonderment, including wings, dresses, flowers, and headwear and GLITTER!

Starting at $300

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